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Considering entering the study?

What to expect

Interested patients will undergo initial screening to determine eligibility. If you qualify and choose to enroll, then an office visit will be scheduled. The office visit will include a thorough history and physical exam. 



Baseline survey questionnaires will be administered regarding your knee.  Prior to the trial, you will be issued an Apple Watch for health monitoring that you will wear for at least two weeks prior to the trial procedure. 

One Year Commitment

DRG-S Trial

If cleared for the study, you will undergo a trial period with the stimulator. The trial consists of placing the stimulator leads over the appropriate regions and allowing the patient to experience the stimulator without having to implant the pulse generator (battery). 


DRG-S Implant

If the trial is successful, then you will be scheduled to have the implant procedure. The DRG-S implant is an outpatient procedure where the leads and generator are implanted under the skin.


Study follow up

We will be following up with you at 1,3,6, and at 12 months after the implant. During these visits, your improvements will be assessed.

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