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Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation for Mechanical Knee Pain Study

Dorsal root ganglion stimulation (DRG-S) was developed to address some of the shortcomings of dorsal column spinal cord stimulation (SCS). By targeting specific dermatomes, DRG-S provides better and improved coverage of the joints and extremities. It was approved as a treatment for a pain syndrome of the extremites called Complex regional pain syndrome type I and II.

Clinical experience and research from the Spine and Pain Institute of NY has demonstrated the efficacy of dorsal root ganglion stimulation (DRG-S) for the treatment of mechanical knee pain. Other forms of neuromodulation have not demonstrated the ability to treat patients who had this type of pain, and would typically work primarily for nerve related, or neuropathic, pain. This was evidenced clinically by the improvements seen in patients, which was consistent with basic science research.

Purpose of Study

This study is designed to measure improvements in pain, function, and psychological benefits in patients who suffer from severe pain from the knee joint that is related to osteoarthritis. Patients will be followed for one year after the device is implanted. 

Funding for study

This research is made possible through an grant from Abbott Neuromodulation.

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